Here’s How It Works:

As a member of the Host-A-Hive program, you provide a home for 1-3 of our honeybee hives. Our team manages the hive year-round while you get to sit back and enjoy the impact you’re making in bringing pollinators to your area and enjoy the delicious honey they produce right in your backyard!


Step 1

Schedule an initial visit to walk the property and find the best location for the hives on your property.


Step 2

Choose an installation date. This will be the time we bring the Honeybee Hive(s) and install onto your property.


Step 3

Sit back and watch the bees work away in your backyard. Maintenance checks will continue monthly which you are always welcome to join!


By joining our program you are able to enjoy a variety of benefits while at the same time contributing back to our environment and supporting a local small business. Our team prides itself on offering exceptional service and relationship with our program participants.


Pollinator Education

Support the Urban Honeybee Population

Honey Sharing!!

Cost Structure:

You can choose the number of hives you would like to host on your property! Below is a breakdown of the cost structure depending on the number of hives you would like to install. We also offer this option to groups, for instance, we have neighborhoods who all pitch in together to host a hive!


1 Hive = $100/Month

2 Hives = $150/Month